What should I know before I schedule my appointment?

Appointments are strongly recommended. Zoom appointments are also available. 

To make an appointment please call: (985) 809-8180
or email: Appointments@STPAO.org

Please send an email to appointments@stpao.org with the answers to the questions below and we can get you scheduled. You will need a copy of your driver’s license or your voter’s registration card and your cash sale deed.

  1. What is the address for the property?
  2. When did you purchase the home?
    • Did you sell a home in the same year?
    • Did you have a homestead exemption anywhere else at that time?

  3. Does everyone who is on the Cash Sale Deed (title) live in the home?
    • If the house was purchased by you and your spouse and you were married at the time of the purchase, only one of you needs to be present to apply for the homestead exemption.
    • If the house was purchased by more than one individual and you were not married at the time of the purchase, all who reside in the home need to be present to get the full benefit of the homestead exemption possible.

  4. Do you have your driver’s license or voter’s registration card updated to the new address?
  5. Would you prefer an appointment in Covington, Slidell or via zoom?
    • This Zoom appointment is not compatible with Iphone-only compatible with tablet, androids and computers.

  6. What day of the week do you prefer? Is morning or afternoon preferred?
  7. What is a good call back phone number for you?
  8. Do you qualify for a Special Assessment?
    • Are you over the age of 65?
    • Are you a Disabled Veteran of greater than or equal to 50%?
    • Permanently/Totally Disabled?
    • Surviving Spouse of a Veteran MIA/KIA
      • If yes to one of the 4 special assessments above then you also MUST HAVE a combined Adjusted Gross Income of equal to or less than $100,000 for 2020 for all individual’s on the deed and we must be able to see proof of this at the time of the appointment.

Once we have received your answer, we will schedule your appointment and send you a calendar invitation. If you have requested a Zoom appointment, a representative will be in contact with you to confirm a date and time before sending the calendar invitation.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to respond to this email or call our Covington office at (985) 809-8180 or our Slidell office at (985) 646-1990.