How do I appeal to the Louisiana Tax Commission?

In order to appeal to the Louisiana Tax Commission, a taxpayer must start at the parish assessor’s office. During a period of 15 days between August 1st and September 15th, the assessment lists of each parish are open for public inspection. During this period, taxpayers should check the values on their property. If there is a disagreement and the taxpayer wishes to protest the value, the taxpayer must at that time fill out a form “Notice of Appeal Request For Board of Review” (Form 3101) and schedule an appearance before the parish Board of Review for hearing(s) held for this purpose.
The Board of Review office in your parish will determine if any changes should be made to the assessment values in question. If either the assessor or the taxpayer is not satisfied with the determination of the Board of Review, either may obtain from the Board, an Appeal Form (Form 3103.A) for further review by the Louisiana Tax Commission. The Louisiana Tax Commission will consider any and all appeals timely filed in hearings that are open to the public.
Those considering appeals are encouraged to consult the assessor, parish board of review, and the Louisiana Tax Commission for specific procedures, dates, times, and places of all hearings.