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 Assessor Louis Fitzmorris

We currently have over 123,368 parcels completed and available in our GIS parcel viewer. Please click here to view

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We now have over 123,368 parcels available.
2013 – 2022

parcel map progress feb 2020

May 2023

May 2023 GIS progress
May 2023 Parcel progress

July 2021

stpao parcel progress

June 2021

Assessment Numbers June 2021
GIS Progress June 2021
GIS Progress TDS June 2021

May 2021

April 2021

March 2021

St. Tammany Parish Parcel Map Progress March 2021
Assessor GIS Parcel Map Progress 2021
Assessment Numbers added by STPAO since 2014

February 2021

St. Tammany Parish Parcel Map Progress February 2021

December 2020

November 2020

September 2020

assement numbers parcel map graph
STPAO parcel map progress
STPAO GIS new parcel graph
GIS parcel map progress Oct first

August 2020

Parcel Numbers assessment graph
Accessor GIS parcel map progress
St Tammany Parcel Map Progress

July 2020

Assement parcel map graph compressed
stpao parcel progress
STPAO GIS Parcel Production Bar Graph
arcmap parcel progress

June 2020

Parcel map graph
june 4 2020 parcel map progress
june 4 2020 parcel progress map

May 2020

2014 assessment numbers parcel graph
may 4 2020 parcel progress map
may 4 2020 GIS parcel map
new parcel production

April 2020

parcel progress map
new parcel production
daily parcel edits

March 2020

Assement acoounted since 2014
new parcel production bar graph

January 2020

field crew photos added per month
field crew photo production graph
daily parcels bar graph
new parcels graph