STPAO Appraisal Department
Appraisal Department
Led by Business and Appraisal Director Matt Faust
STPAO I.T. and Technology Department
I.T. and Technology Department
Led by Technology Director Michael McNeil and GIS Supervisor Bryan Bushnell.
Business PP Department
Business Personal Property Department
Led by Supervisor Amanda McInnis, CLDA
Customer Service Department
Customer Service Department
Led by Executive Assistant to the Chief Deputy Melanie Band

*CLDA – The purpose of the CLDA designation is to recognize professionalism and competency in the valuation of property.

To qualify as a Louisiana Certified Deputy Assessor all IAAO requirements must be met, including but not limited to:

* Three years experience in appraising

* Credit for five educational courses, including:
-Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal
-Income Approach to Valuation
-Income Approach to Valuation II
-IAAO 151 or an approved fifteen hour USPAP course

* Additional six credit hours of course work on appraising personal property