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Homestead Exemption

It's Reassessment Year. Learn What That Means and How It Affects Taxpayers.


New Special Exemption for Disabled Veterans

  • Veterans with a VA disability rating of 50% or more may be entitled to a Special Exemption in addition to the Homestead Exemption on their home.
  • A surviving spouse of a disabled veteran may also be eligible.
  • Unlike the Veterans Freeze, this Special Exemption does not have an income requirement.
  • For veterans with the correct disability rating already filed with our office, no further action is needed at this time. Check your Assessment in August to verify.

New tiered level of expanded benefits from the November 2022 election for all veterans with a disability rating of 50% or higher from the VA:

  • If you have between 50% – 69% disability you are entitled to an additional $25,000 Special Exemption above your $75,000 Homestead Exemption.
  • If you have between 70% and 99% disability you are entitled to an additional $45,000 Special Exemption above your 75,000 Homestead Exemption.
  • If you have a 100% disability or unemployability you are fully exempt from ad valorem taxes except for municipality taxes or first $75,000 of value.

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Important Announcements

We have converted to a new, modern assessment system: Arist, by Farragut.

We are proud that we now utilize and provide our citizens with this leading-edge, fully GIS-integrated system. This advancement in our technology has caused changes to our processes, procedures, and timing. The most important change is that ownership will now be reflected on the tax roll and tax bills as of July 1, 2023 with few exceptions. 

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