Office Accomplishments

Advanced Technology
  • Modernized technology in every department, including hardware, software, and training personnel
  • Implemented a new geographic information system (GIS) providing a digital map with detailed information about properties
  • Launched a new website with mobile device compatibility
  • Researched, mapped, and photographed all structures, with 126,000 parcels identified and drawn in GIS
  • Provides GIS software and latest aerial imagery to all parish agencies with parcels and data
  • Share data with parish government to assist them in complying with notice ordinances
  • Worked with municipalities to complete and maintain GIS mapping of all municipalities
  • Nearly all forms are now submittable electronically online, as well as download capability
  • Added Zoom capability for Homestead Exemption and Freezes applications and other needs formerly only available in-person
  • Converted to modern GIS driven, fully integrated assessment software
Enhanced Transparency
  • Implemented website GIS digital property map, giving the public the ability to compare assessed values and locate property owners
  • Provides aerial imagery to increase the accuracy of the tax roll, help identify missing property and structures and to update data and valuation
  • Drew and linked nearly 95 percent of parcels with assessment number and imagery
  • Provided first-ever Quadrennial Report to the public to illustrate and inform where tax dollars are derived and distributed across St. Tammany Parish
  • Provide an open roll period of 30 days for the public inspection of the tax roll instead of the 14 days required by law
  • Provides annual parish millage chart updates
  • Provides a multitude of educational and informative pamphlets and videos to the public on website
  • Provides assessment database search for current and past tax history.
Built Trust
  • Removed thousands of ineligible homestead exemptions
  • Removed hundreds of ineligible special assessments
  • Added thousands of existing and new parcels, homes, and buildings to the tax roll
  • Made the tax roll more accurate, complete, and uniform to encourage public agencies to lower taxes
  • Continues to educate and keep citizens informed through outreach and education
  • Allowed .41 mills to retire for Assessor’s Office millage saving taxpayers $1 million annually
  • Improved online search engine to provide more detailed tax roll information to the public
  • Provided greater efficiency by decreasing vehicle fleet by 60 percent and staff by 10 percent
  • Parish-wide millages are reduced by approximately 10 mills in last 10 years
  • Hosted the Louisiana Legislative Auditor for annual educational workshop to help educate our taxing bodies multiple times
  • Reduced the number of change orders sent to the Louisiana Tax Commission in both number and in total dollars
  • Continue to provide assessment reviews both in-person and online efficiently and effectively
  • Drastically reduced the number of Assessment Reviews presented to the Board of Review (St. Tammany Parish Council) and LA Tax commission annually
  • Effectively executed a smooth and efficient reassessment in 2020 while simultaneously dealing with all challenges of the pandemic
  • Effectively executed a smooth and efficient Hurricane Ida review process proactively working parish and STPAO identified damaged properties without requiring citizens to come in and file for a review.