On The Map: 2019-02

Covington parcels have been added to STPAO GIS and now are showing up on the online parcel map:
GIS parcel progress map
From this point forward, STPAO GIS will be maintaining parcel data for Tax District 6. And now that Covington and Mandeville are in the fold, we can direct more attention and resources toward acquiring the Slidell parcel data.
We have received some questions about how to access the STPAO Parcel Map on the internet. There are a couple of options.
First, you could open a browser and navigate to stpao.org, and then click on the “GIS PARCEL VIEWER” text near the top of the page:
header GIS parcel image
Alternatively, you can click on this link and save it as a bookmark/favorite/homepage in your favorite browser for easy access later: