On The Map: 2020-08

Last year at this time, there were five Tax Districts in St. Tammany Parish with 90+ percent parcel capture rates. Now there are 12.
The state of STPAO GIS’s effort to capture all of the parcels in the Parish as of August 2020:

STPAO GIS percentage complete map

The most notable addition to the parcel map during the last 12 months, at least in terms of numbers, is that of parcels in Tax Districts 23 and 24. These two Tax Districts also are known as the City of Slidell. As of August 3, 2020, 11,209 of Slidell’s 12,227 Assessment Numbers are on the map and undergoing a thorough quality control effort by STPAO GIS.

Another significant notable: While there are 12 Tax Districts in the final 10 percent of the parcel capture effort, there are zero Tax Districts in the initial 10 percent of parcel capture. All Tax Districts in St. Tammany Parish now are greater than 10 percent complete.