On The Map: 2020-03

LSU football is not the only team in Louisiana breaking records.

STPAO Field Crew Photo Production grapg

The STPAO Field Crew, equipped with iPads and geospatial technology, is setting a blistering pace for photos added to the Assessment System through the first two months of 2020.

In January, Field Crew and Data Services combined to collect more photos in one month than in any month during the previous year. The pace continued in February as Sidney Fontenot joined the Field Crew team, bolstering that month’s production.

The Field Crew added 2,975 photos to the Assessment System through the first two months of this year. Compare that number to last January and February, when 432 photos were added to the Assessment System, and you get a sense of the pace of productivity by the team so far in 2020.

If this collection rate continues, the Field Crew would add 17,500+ photos to the Assessment System this year!

… it works and is being updated every night again!
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Click on that little button in the Assessment System and Pictometry will zoom you to the Assessment Number in a web browser.
Thanks to those who responded to our call for suggestions regarding the future of the Pictometry button a few months ago. In the end, we were able to develop an automated solution that works in a couple of minutes, as opposed to the two-to-three hours it took previously. A big upgrade!
Note, however, that this solution does not solve the non-contiguous parcels issue, which you can see on the whiteboard in Michael’s office. If you have any questions about this issue, or the Pictometry button in general, please see Michael.
The latest parcel count from STPAO GIS:
STP Parcel Progress Map
Simple advice for avoiding burnout:
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As Brad often says, it is as simple and as hard as that.