On The Map: 2018-09

The first directive given by the administration to the GIS Department was to focus ownership parcel collection efforts on the land south of Interstate 12. By way of a new reporting measure, it is quite clear where in the Parish STPAO GIS has been spending most of its time:


STPAO GIS Percent Complete


Looking pretty good in most of the Tax Districts south of I-12, except for Tax District 30!

So what’s going on there? An interesting anomaly, as TD30 only has five Assessment Numbers in the system. GIS has one drawn for a completion score of 20 percent.



USA Land-use Map


This land use map of the United States of America has been making the rounds on the internet. You can read more about it here.

I thought it was worth sharing here at the STPAO because there is an ownership connection to St. Tammany Parish: Weyerhaeuser, the company which owns large timber tracts in St. Tammany Parish, has so much timber land across the country that it was worth registering on the map!